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Lucy Burningham is a writer who fell hopelessly in love with beer. Propelled by a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about her favorite drink, she set out to become a beer expert. My Beer Year is what happened when she did.

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Lucy’s work has been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
Bicycling, Saveur, Sunset, Men’s Journal, Imbibe, and the BBC.

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Lucy helps brands and organizations connect with consumers through
compelling copy and the power of storytelling.

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Not today, seasonal depression, not today. PS. Five days til the solstice! 🌥

Does your beer patiently wait for you to take its pic in portrait mode like mine does? Sometimes I forget how much I love German lagers. This Andechs dunkel set me straight.

We showed up yesterday wearing borrowed and hand-me-down wetsuits, carrying a loaner bodyboard, with no idea what to expect. We’d watched a YouTube video called “bodyboarding for beginners,” which led to a conversation about riptides and sharks. Then we had THE BEST TIME. Going on these kinds of adventures as a solo parent can feel daunting. I love being reminded that it’s worth it. 💪
Also, Oregon is the kind of place where you show up at a beach 85 miles from your house, and your neighbor’s there and he lets you try his surfboard ✌️

Eugene, you’re 😍 My weekend accomplishments: drank @ninkasibrewing beer in @autzen.stadium. Watched the Ducks obliterate their opponent. Ran on Pre’s Trail. I’ll be back, Eugene.

Headed into September like the rocks are hot and the water’s cool because September is THE BEST MONTH 🐞

The aggressive pursuit of fun. Because the days are going by fast and the light is fading. Don’t wait to find your summer ✨

#tbt to the last time we told the white supremacists to GTFO of our town. Thanks to all of you who engaged in peaceful protest today 🙏

When I want to be reminded that humans are good, I go to NYC. When I want to be pressed between people on a subway, who are talking about particle physics, studying the anatomy of the heart, and speaking rapid Portuguese, I go to NYC. When I want to see strangers helping each other, then yelling “fuck you” to someone who wronged them on the street, I go to NYC. Here’s to you, big city. Thanks for giving me hope, as always.❤️



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